There is a much more sustainable way but you have to be prepared to step away from what has become “accepted” practise and begin to think much more holistically about looking after your land – and more particularly the soil, that ultimately gives you your profits. In my last blog I talked about REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE. Piling Urea onto your pasture is not a long term solution. It may give a quick fix but isn’t it more sensible to manage the land so that it doesn’t need a quick fix? Repairing your damaged soils has so much to offer in the way of payback. Restoring the ecosystem beneath your grass so that it is biologically active is a key step in the right direction. It will hold moisture better during dry periods, it will utilise all the minerals and nutrients in the soil far better and the stock will love you for it and be healthier. I have seen good articles on ensuring you have at least 7 species of grasses in your pasture so that the biochemical interactions in the soil can work as they should. I go back to the Country Calendar program put to air on 19th April 2020 which I mentioned in my previous Blog. They are looking at upwards of 30 plant species in the pasture! This leads to another phenomenon that takes place under your pasture, QUORUM SENSING. If you don’t foster an environment in your soil that benefits the population growth of beneficial microbes so they can do their work in assisting the grass root hairs to absorb nutrients your soil will never reach its full potential to grow quality, healthy grass to feed your animals. Plasma Biotec Solutions Ltd has been promoting REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE now for over 40 years. You owe it to yourself to talk to us about what our fertiliser packages can do for you to build SUSTAINABILITY into your farming practises. Call us now on 0800-752-762.

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