Plasma Biotec Solutions was founded in 1980 (as Plant Plasma Industries), at a time when many farmers were already starting to question the long held belief that all that was necessary to grow pastures and crops was the application of NPK fertilisers. A growing dissatisfaction was also starting to develop with having to accept the increasing incidence of metabolic disorders in livestock as ‘normal’ along with their associated costs.

With the introduction of Plant Plasma liquid fertilisers our farmer customers were soon noticing significant improvements in stock health and performance along with improvements in their soils and pasture quality.

Based on farmer feedback the product was developed with the addition of further minerals and trace elements in addition to the initial major nutrients. This process of product development has continued with the addition of new products to our range as well as refinement of existing lines.

In 2002 the Company was renamed Plasma Biotec Solutions to reflect the introduction of the Megimmune range of animal nutrition supplement products to our catalogue. Since its introduction, Megimmune, has steadily established itself as an important component in the programme on an increasing number of high producing farms.

Development and refinement is a continuing process which has led to the range of products we have on offer today being vastly improved over our original products and is ongoing proof of Plasma Biotec’s commitment to our customers, both New Zealand farmers and on export markets.

In summary, our products are professionally manufactured, not in a back yard, but in a purpose built factory where they are thoroughly mixed and then filtered to 250 microns before being packed off for distribution.