Megimmune Newborn is a product you should not do without if you want to grow healthy calves. This animal nutritional supplement helps to take the stress out of calf rearing. Loyal users tell us that they can see the difference in many aspects of calf development particularly in the period from birth to about three weeks old and beyond. Simply add the prescribed amount of Megimmune Newborn to the calf milk brew or it can be administered individually if required (very handy if you have a sickly animal – 15mL as a single dose is beneficial and up to 30mL can be dosed quite safely). Normal dose rate is just 1mL per calf per day. That is incredibly low insurance to help you rear healthy stock – at less than a couple of cents per animal per day. Megimmune Newborn has all the benefits of our Megimmune Multistock with the added bonus of Probiotics to help maintain a healthy and vigorous digestive system. This is a multi-strain culture of seven gut beneficial micro-organisms. Field users repeatedly tell us that they observe reduced scouring in Megimmune Newborn treated calves along with other obvious signs such as calmness, skin condition, bright eyes and vigorous signs of well-being. Provide your newborn stock with the best possible chances of survival and aid their early development. Manufactured and supplied by a trusted all NZ owned company with 40 years of results for our farming community. Plasma Biotec Solutions Ltd – call us now on 0800-752-762 or checkout our Newborn web page HERE for additional information.

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