Frequently Asked Questions

There can be no specific answer to this question. Growth variables are many – crops for example respond to lighter applications at different stages of their growth cycle. Pasture is influenced by grazing patterns and stocking rates – overall seasonal activity is the major factor. Generally speaking, applications are designed to concur with growth cycles and will often perform well into the following season.

This depends on your individual preference. Many farmers use our products e.g. Plasma 3000 HBA combined with K-Phos pastoral and Hi-N’ or Proto Humic. Others prefer alternating between ours and other products on a seasonal basis.

Yes. It is often overlooked that granular fertilisers need moisture before they can have any effect on plant growth. Because it’s a highly bio-available solution, Plant Plasma is quickly taken up by both leaf and soil.

Yes. Our fertiliser solutions are compatible with many agrichemicals, providing that the label instrucions for mixing are followed. Always check with our Customer Service staff. Agrichemicals should not be used with our soil conditioner Proto Humic.

No. All Plant Plasma fertilisers and soil conditioners are micro screened as part of the manufacturing process. In all cases the label instructions for on-farm mixing should be followed and you need to ensure that the spray nozzles being used are rated for fertiliser application.  Avoid using spray nozzle apertures finer than 250 microns.

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