There is a rapidly growing trend to take advantage of all the benefits of our Plasma range of foliar fertilisers in your fertiliser regime when growing Maize for either silage or grain.

We recommend the application of Plasma’s unique humate soil conditioner called Protohumic during the preparation of the land to be sown, preferably in winter, but any time up to a couple of weeks before planting seed is beneficial.

If you or your contractor have equipment that can handle liquid fertilisers then an application of for example, Plasma P3000 or a customised blend of Plasma K-Phos and Plasma Hi-N, can be included in your fertiliser program during planting to provide a complete range of not just N:P:K but also Magnesium, Sulphur, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Calcium, Sodium, Zinc, Iron, and Boron together with amino acids to comprehensively balance the demands of the growing plant.

Our complete fertilisers offer benefits in building and maintaining soil structure so that it can be sustainably used year after year to grow a high yielding crop with resilience to drought and disease.

At any time from the two leaf stage (V2) through to V5 (or up until the point you can no longer drive a tractor through the crop) you can apply a specifically blended Plasma foliar mix to enhance the Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium or Nitrogen inputs based on seasonal requirements and your observations of the crop development.

At a much later stage in the development of the crop and again in line with your observations of weather and performance of the maize you can apply, for example, a high nitrogen foliar such as our Plasma Hi-N to feed the demands of the maize and increase the protein level in the final stages of growth (VT/R1). Application by helicopter is easily and economically achieved and our products can often be applied along with other agricultural chemicals such as fungicides provided compatibility tests are carried out beforehand.

These fish and vegetable extract products manufactured exclusively by Plasma Biotec Solutions Ltd under an MPI audited Risk Management Plan, have been used successfully by crop growers now for over 40 years. Call us now on 0800-752-762 to discuss or to place an order.

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