Where nutrients are lacking or imbalanced for a sustained period, your animals’ development and immunity are compromised. Megimmune is made up of Plasma Biotec’s unique organic base, complemented by the addition of food safe minerals to promote all round healthy development and general wellbeing. It has been specially formulated and refined in New Zealand to benefit all livestock farmers.

  • Recommended for cattle, dairy cows, sheep, goats, pigs and deer
  • Supports optimum rates of viable conception
  • Ensure mineral balance in animals’ diet during periods of climatic stress
  • Correct and complete nutrient balance supports health and optimal production
  • Pepsin digestibility 96.7% ** SGS Lab Report **
  • Concentrated, yet safe and palatable – animals love it!

How to use Megimmune

Administer as a drench in recommended doses and frequencies, for extra support during pregnancy, lactation or illness, or to enhance calf milk. We have found that once an animal has taken Megimmune, it’s happy to come back for more! For full nutritional information and recommended dosage, contact us for an information pack.