I was particularly interested in the program on Country Calendar which was aired on 19th April 2020. It focussed on what the Linnburn Station is achieving through what it describes as “Regenerative Agriculture”. They are taking a very holistic approach to farming. Among their practices are an emphasis on diverse species in their pasture and the use of fertilisers that assist to “Regenerate” the microbiological aspects of their soil. The results are there for all to see. Plasma Biotec Solutions Ltd has been promoting Regenerative Agriculture now for 40 years. Back in 1980 when we first went into production with our range of “Plant Plasma” liquid fertilisers the term “Regenerative Agriculture” had not been invented or at least wasn’t the fashionable phrase that it is now. Nevertheless that was, and still is, what we promote with a product range that has stood the test of time. Liquid fertilisers packed full of essential elements together with our famous organic fish base will help you achieve the results you are looking for. Talk to us now on 0800-752-762.

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