While there’s a lot of debate regarding the best liquid fertilizer, NZ farmers and growers know that one thing’s never in question. The weather’s always going to be a challenge!
You don’t want your land looking like this, do you?
So after the recent drought, the worst in 30 years, we’ve been thinking about what we can do to help combat the next climate challenge. Especially with 80% odds-on for El Nino again this year – check out the research here as reported in the New Zealand Herald, .
Proto-Humic has been used and proven for more than 34 years to improve your soil, pasture and yields. Proto-Humic reduces leaching and develops high quality crops and pasture, whatever the weather does to you. So we’ve worked out how we can give you ONE THIRD EXTRA FOR FREE when you order your Proto-Humic this month. AND we’ll include free freight too – wherever you are in New Zealand. Don’t just take my word for it:

“The sulphur readings on our pastures were low and it didn’t matter what we applied, they stayed constant. With Proto Humic, we applied 20 litres per hectare on one block in May and by spring the reading has increased from 4 to 10”
Mike Candy, Dairy Farmer, Manawatu
“I’ve been growing for more than 20 years and I’ve tried 5 or 6 other types of liquid fertiliser but Plant Plasma is the best. It stays in the ground and these days I don’t spray for diseases at all”
Market Gardener, Feilding

The accountants are asking me to put the prices up next month so for this month only, while stocks last, I wanted to do everything we can here at Plant Plasma Biotec Solutions to help our farmers and growers. Order your Proto-Humic now and get one third extra for free and free freight.
Proto-Humic is just one of our Famous Seven Plant Plasma Biotec Solutions, trusted by New Zealand farmers and growers for more than 30 years as the best liquid fertilisers because all seven Plant Plasmas unlock the nutrients In your land with 4x uptake so you get more profits in faster time.

Give me a call on 0800 PLASMA (that’s free phone 0800 752 762)
or on our local no 09 634 0142.


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