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Are you like many farmers, paying a lot for your fertiliser and not happy?
Would you like to discover the 7 reasons why your fertiliser might fail to deliver the results you need, how you can choose a fertiliser that is right for your soil and your bottom line?

If you are a farmer in New Zealand, you are probably overwhelmed by all of the different options you have for fertiliser and soil amendments for your plants.
Many farmers choose what appears to be the quickest, cheapest, and easiest solution available: chemical fertilisers. Although these “quick fix” agents seem like they will save you money and give your crops a jump start, you could actually be shooting yourself in the foot by choosing this path.
Superphosphate damage is very real in New Zealand, with thousands of acres unable to be farmed for this very reason.
There are many reasons why modern synthetic chemical fertilisers fail to deliver sustained, consistent results in plants and soils, and indirectly in the livestock that feed on them.
At first glance, these products seem more economical, easy-to-use, and quick to produce results. Year after year, growing season after growing season, thousands of farmers across New Zealand buy, apply, and toxify their land more potently than ever before in history with compounds whose long term effects know little about.
Whatever your thoughts about fertiliser, do get a copy of this report and let me know what you think.
Get your copy here: http://thefertiliserguide.com.

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