More and more frequently, throughout New Zealand, farmers are severely challenged by drought conditions.
Some of these hard-luck stories can be much mitigated if the right steps are taken.
From stock having to be destroyed or sold for next to nothing to land that takes too long to recover, with precious topsoil lost forever, the list of what can go wrong seems endless.
If you are a farmer in New Zealand, you are probably overwhelmed by all of the different options you have for fertiliser and soil amendments for your plants.
Pressured by rising costs and falling farm gate prices, many farmers choose what appears to be the quickest and cheapest solution available: chemical fertilisers. Although these “quick fix” agents seem like they will save you money and give your crops a jumpstart, you could actually be shooting yourself in the foot by relying solely on this path.
There are many reasons why using only synthetic chemical fertilisers is not the answer to deliver sustained, consistent results in plants and soils and indirectly in the livestock that feed on them. At first glance, these products seem more economical, easy-to-use, and quick to produce results.  Year after year, growing season after growing season, thousands of farmers across New Zealand buy, apply and toxify their land more potently than ever before in history with compounds about which we know little of the long-term effects.
Inevitably in farming, no matter how careful we are, things can go wrong.
What we can do is ensure when things do go wrong, we have the right information to make decisions and take actions to protect our farming livelihood.
You’re reading this Report because you are a committed and dedicated farmer.
You need information and products that let you and your family make the best decisions and benefit from the best outcomes. You may be looking to improve your farm’s financial viability or researching to make an informed buying decision, before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on fertiliser.
Either way, you want to be able to farm with complete peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything possible to protect your land, yourself and your family.
The good news is, you’ve come to the right place as we detail ‘The 7 Big Reasons Why Liquid Fertilisers Are Essential To Successful Farming In Today’s Drought-Prone Climate.’
Have you had a good look at your soil recently and identified the dangers of forthcoming droughts? Use this checklist to ensure your farm is drought-ready and adopt the successful strategies of increasing numbers of switched-on New Zealand farmers.
There are some excellent options ready and waiting for you but you first have to know what the problem is and how to spot the solution. Over the next couple weeks, you’ll learn the seven big reasons why liquid fertilisers are essential to successful farming in today’s drought-prone climate.

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