liquid Fertiliser Spraying
Out of the seven most compelling reasons to use a liquid fertiliser, our farmers tell us an important one is the ability to “weed and feed” at the same time – and save on up to one third of your herbicide!
A secret of Plasma Biotec’s 34-year history as the liquid fertiliser of choice for New Zealand farmers is undoubtedly the proven difference it makes to your yields. Being able to save 1/3rd of your herbicide costs is the icing on the cake, so to speak. This is in part due to the plant plasma being totally plant-available and absorbed quickly, dramatically limiting runoff.

”We’re in the middle of our worst drought ever right now, yet our stock levels are up on last year. We’re going to stick with Plasma. ”
Cattle Farmer, Hawke’s Bay

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Plasma Biotec unlocks the nutrients in your land for 4x uptake which results in more profits in faster time. Plasma Biotec: often imitated, never equalled.

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