Where Can New Zealand Farmers Buy Fertiliser At 2008 Prices?

With all the news about cadmium levels and superphosphate damage to New Zealand soil, with 160,000 hectares already taken out of production due to toxicity, many farmers and horticulturalists are more interested than ever in knowing the best solutions for their soil.
Please give us a call: 0800 PLASMA (0800 752 762), 09 634 0142 or 02 7498 2321. We are very keen to hear from farmers and horticulturalists on this issue.
Coupled with forecasts of the next drought being bigger than the drought in the 1960s, we are seeing a lot of enquiries about which is the best formula of drought proofing and restorative liquid fertiliser.
You can reach us on 0800 PLASMA (0800 752 762), 09 634 0142 or 02 7498 2321 – or drop us an email now.
Plant Plasma Puts Power In Your Pastures And Strength In Your Yields – Trusted By Smart New Zealand Farmers For More Than 35 Years
This is also advance notice to our loyal customers that, after holding our prices for the last eight years with no increases, due to a number of increases we have incurred we are putting our prices up in 2016.
All fertiliser and supplements ordered before the end of January will be honoured at 2008 prices, while stocks last. Delivery can be made any time during the first quarter of 2016.
Unlike the larger outfits, we respect a farmer’s word so deposits are not required.
So you can get next year’s fertiliser and supplements at 2008 prices so long as you order before the end of January – but only while current stocks last so we recommend you call us now.
Don’t decide now: just give us a call to see whether one of Plasma’s seven famous formulas are right for you.
Do call us now on 0800 PLASMA (0800 752 762), 09 634 0142 or 02 7498 2321. Limited availability only while stocks last.
Kath Burdett
Managing Director, Plasma Biotec Solutions

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