decline in milk production makes NZ FarmersAccording to the Dairy Companies of New Zealand (DCANZ) data, the decline in New Zealand milk production gathered momentum in the month of September. Milk production, in milk solids, came to 209,484 tonnes in September, down 7.2 percent compared with 225,777 tonnes in September 2014. This decline is one that we know our NZ Dairy Farmers really feel.
In Autumn, farmers experienced a late flush, which led to higher production in the earlier months but the downward trend appeared in August when production fell slightly compared to the production of August 2014 .
A market update released by Fonterra earlier this month highlighted that New Zealand production decreased by 1 percent in August compared to the same month last year. The co-op said that although milk production in the year up to August was up 1 percent, it was the unfavourable spring pasture growth conditions and low milk prices continued to put downward pressure on milk production. This, unfortunately, coupled with last year’s drought and the lower price on dairy, has made many Dairy Farmers feel excessive financial preasure.
Plasma Biotec has worked with farmers for more than 35 years to improve their pastures using organic-based liquid fertilisers, with our farmers reporting excellent result in yield increases.
“The first year we applied Plasma to the whole farm we got up to an average of 378 kgs milk solids per cow. The year after they were up to 408 kgs milk solids per cow. Cows are farmed on a grass diet only with a bit of silage February and March, no meal or palm kernel. Production is 1250 kgs milk solids/ha,” reported one of our farmers, Neil, from Feilding.
Fonterra has a $4.60 per kg of milk solids farmgate milk price forecast on its books – well short of the $5.30 per kg required to reach the estimated average break even point.
Fonterra has forecast its milk production to fall by 5 percent this season and some forecasters expect New Zealand’s total production to fall by as much as 10 percent.
Unlike artificial fertilisers, Plasma Biotec Solutions provides natural-based long-lasting fertilisers at prices which make sense and bring you long term results as well as the initial quick boost.
To discuss your situation more in depth and to find out the best solution for your pastures, we recommend talking with one of our fertiliser experts, who can provide you with the right knowledge and support to improve your yields and your bottom line. Call us on (09) 634 0142 today.

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