For 35 years we’ve been supporting New Zealand farmers and growers.
Our farmers and growers tell us that using any of the famous Seven Plant Plasma Fertiliser, Soil Conditioning and Animal Nutrition Solutions means the difference between pasture and no pasture, top crops and poorer yields.
We’ll be announcing three special Offers at the National Agricultural Fieldays event at Mystery Creek this month, 10th-13th June. If you want to know straight away call us on 0800 752 762 (0800 PLASMA) OR 09 634 0142.
Here’s what other farmers and growers say:

“I’ve been growing for more than 20 years and I’ve tried 5 or 6 other types of liquid fertiliser, but I think Plant Plasma is the best. It stays in the ground and these days I don’t spray for diseases at all.”
Market Gardener, Feilding
“We’ve been dry – the whole country’s been dry – but the plants have stayed in a nice mat, we’ve still got nice thick grass. This is the third year we’ve used Plant Plasma as a main dressing. We put it on with a helicopter and we’re really pleased.
“A lot of people are skeptical about liquid fertilisers – they say it’s an expensive way to put water on. But the experts tell me that solid fertiliser is up to 80% filler anyway. That’s an expensive way to put dust on.
“The first year we applied Plasma to the whole farm, we got up to an average of 220kg milk fat per cow. The year after they were up to just under 240kg. The animal health was fantastic and we had the highest stocking rate of anyone in the district. Over the years I’ve used 5 different kinds of liquid but only Plasma gave me the results I was looking for.”         Dairy Farmers, Ohaupo & Feilding

As one of New Zealand’s most long established – and still privately owned – companies, we’re on the farmers’ and growers’ side in this world of ever-increasing government red tape, multinational chemical conglomerates and squeezed margins. It’s good to know who to really trust to deliver the on-farm results you need.
Smart New Zealand farmers and growers have trusted Plasma Biotec for more than three decades to put extra profits in your pocket with increased yields, pasture health and productivity for your farm and horticulture productions.
Here’s where to find us at the big event: National Agricultural Fieldays, Mystery Creek near Hamilton, 10th-13th June, Stand no E76 – just look for the yellow flags.
Bruce, Neil and I are looking forward to seeing you there.
As I said, our stocks are limited so it’s first come, first served. So if you want to make sure you get your best value fertiliser, tailored to your exact soil and crop needs, call us today to find out more:
• Bruce Pearce:     027 499 7232
• Neil Harre:        021 190 1963
• Me, Kath:          027 498 2321

Or call 0800 PLASMA (0800 752 762), 09 634 0142 or 02 7498 2321

Remember: “Plant Plasma Puts Power In Your Pastures And Strength In Your Yields – Trusted By Smart New Zealand Farmers For 35 Years”.
So place your order for your extra no-cost fertiliser when you buy three drums or more along with no extra charge for freight and a special offer on the Megimmune Starter Park – by calling us now on 0800 752 762.

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